important facts about raw feeding

we all learned: NEVER give your dog (chicken-)bones

Callisto eats a chickenwing That is right, bones are dangerous IF THEY HAVE BEEN HEATED! When bones are cooked, fried or otherwise heated their structure is changed, they become hard and break easily. Because humans have to cook their meat before they can eat it, some dogs that live with humans get such a heated bone, and that gives the dog problems. RAW BONES are very different, they are soft and elastic and a dog can easily digest them. Besides that the dog cleans his teeth when he chews on raw bones.

and what about Salmonella and other scary bacteria?

Yes, chicken and eggs can contain Salmonella bacteria (kibble too!). Humans are able to handle small amounts of Salmonella, but elder, sick and very young humans can have problems with Salmonella. But the contents of a dogs stomach are much more acidic than humans, so the Salmonella does not come through the dog's stomach alive. You yourself should be careful handling the raw chicken, wash your hands after working with it!

Callisto eats a chickenback

every dog meal should be complete and balanced.

Do you eat a complete and balanced meal every time you eat? I guess not, it is important that you get all that your body needs in a certain amount of time. This is the same with dogs, if you provide enough difference in his meals, he gets what he needs. How could dogs have survived all those centuries before kibble was invented?

feeding raw

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