recessive black and the color white

recessive black

If recessive black exists in Chow Chows, this would provide a logical explanation for a few cases of black Chow Chows born out of red parents and possibly for the very rare light blue color. This allele definitely exists in dogs. An easier explanation would be that one of the parents is a cream, but wrongly registered as a red.

A-locus: aa
K-locus: kk
E-locus: EE or Ee
D-locus: DD or Dd black and dd blue

the color white

"white" Chow Chow The sixth color named in the FCI standard is white.
Left a picture from an English book dated 1923 with a white Chow Chow.

Personally I have never seen a pure white Chow Chow, they always have a bit darker ears, so they are cream. However when recessive black exists this form of white would be possible in the Chow Chow breed and thus explaining the existance of the illusive white Chow Chow.

A-locus: aa
K-locus: every combination of KB and ky
E-locus: ee
D-locus: every combination of D and d

color and coat

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