red, fawn (cinnamon) and cream

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Red, fawn (cinnamon) or cream?

These three colors are hard to keep apart in adult Chow Chows.

In new born pups these colors are a lot easier to keep apart.
The pup on the left picture looks blue, but is actually a fawn (cinnamon), there is a hint of pink in the coat on the belly.
At the picture on the right the four pups are: cream, dark cream, red and black
pup fawn (cinnamon) pups cream and red

Red pups usually have some black hairs: a black mask or black hairs at the end of the tail, fawn (cinnamon) pups have some blue, not black, in their coat.
Cream pups are white or biscuit colored, their ears are darker.

pups fawn, red and cream At the picture on the left a red and a fawn pup. In the middle a cream and a dark cream pup. At the picture on the right a black and a red pup at the top, two fawn pups in the middle and some blue pups next to them.


red Red ranges from very light red (looks almost cream with red accents) to dark red and can be solid or shaded.
red with black tip of tail
Even adult red Chow Chows might have a black hair or hairtip, the black mask and black tip of the tail fade away and are gone between one and three years of age.
At the picture on the right you can see the black hairs on the tip of the tail in a young red smooth.

Red Chow Chows have a black nose.

Fawn (cinnamon)

fawn (cinnamon) Fawn, called cinnamon in the USA, ranges from verly light fawn to dark cinnamon and can be solid or shaded. The dark hairs are blue (dark grey). At the picture on the right you can see the blue mask on a fawn (cinnamon) pup.
Fawn (cinnamon) Chow Chows have a dark grey nose and sometimes lighter colored eyes.


cream Cream ranges from almost white with light yellow ears to dark cream, that looks like an apricot color. The darker shades are often mistaken for red or fawn.
A cream can be recognised by the lack of pigment in the nose, the nose can be dark in color at young ages, but in time it fades.

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Janneke and Leo Leunissen (Van het Bossche Front), the Netherlands
Vanessa Munro (Mishna), South-Africa
Peter Wellinga (Happy Dutch Chows), the Netherlands
Bernice Leroy (Ciao), South-Africa
Fietje en Marco van Drunen (Fai-Yen's), the Netherlands

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