to the zoo

with two Chow Chows to the zoo

On August 18th 2005, I went with Ine to Burgers Zoo in Arnhem. Burgers Zoo is one of three zoos in the Netherlands that allowed dogs to visit (now there are two left Ouwehands Zoo in Rhenen and the zoo in Amersfoort), so we took Callisto and Chimay with us.

Frank and I had been to this zoo before with Nemo and Pandora. We noticed they had no interest at all for the wolves. Pandora got really exited when she smelled and saw the big cats. The tigers even got restless from Pandora!
Nemo liked the warthogs and the meerkats.

One warning before taking your Chow Chows to the zoo, you are an attraction yourselves and will hear all day "do they really have a blue tongue?"

Ine and Anita
-1- Ine and Anita together on the picture taken when entering the zoo
-2- again no reaction near the wolves, but the jackals cought their attention

Chimay and jackal
-3- One of the jackals and Chimay looking at eachother through the glass
jackal and Chimay
-4- Chimay thought the jackals were mighty interesting animals

-5- next stop at the meerkats, one of them is on guard
-6- Callisto liked to watch the meerkats

-7- you almost overlook Chimay watching between the crowd
-8- the meerkats discover the Chows and more of them come to watch

The birds were the most facinating to Callisto and Chimay, or actually the birds triggered their hunting instincts. Keeping a Chow from hunting and handling a camera at the same time is not possible, so no pictures from them with the birds. When they saw an emu, they even started to bark (the special high hunting bark) to this giant "chicken".
We were happy with the halti Callisto and Chimay wore, that way they were just manageble.

It was a great day at the zoo.


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