Ch Paramount Stylish Smooth × Vita Texla Callisto

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Crackers, Cajou, Chow, Cheina, Castro, Charming Ginger and Chimayra
born on October 30th, 2004

Crackers, week 1

red smooth male
photos Crackers

Cajou, week 2

red smooth female
photos Cajou

Chow, week 3

red smooth male
photos Chow

Cheina, week 4

red smooth female
photos Cheina

Castro, week 5

red rough male
photos Castro

Charming Ginger
Charming Ginger, week 6

red smooth female
photos Ginger

Chimayra, week 7

red smooth female
photos Chimay

Pedigree Xin-Feng's C-litter
Ch Paramount Stylish Smooth, red smooth, HD-B Ch Smooth Victory of the Royal Club, black smooth, HD-C Ch Walk On Ice of the Royal Club, red rough, HD-B
Baytor Blue Velvet Violet, blue smooth
Ch Paramount Autumn Glory, red rough Paramount Simply Cosmopolitn, red rough
Rebelrun's Sweet Succes, red rough
Vita Texla Callisto, red smooth, HD-B Yuki van Juttersburch, red smooth Fulco van Juttersburch, red smooth
Eline-Kiri vom Wiesfeld, red smooth
Xin-Feng's Anouska, red smooth, PL-vrij Hunter of Daddy's House, red rough
Ca-Caliban's Pandora, red smooth, HD-C


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