Hunter of Daddy's House × Ca-Caliban's Pandora

Angel, Ayla, Argos, Anouska, Anka and Amor Bamboe
born on July 20th, 1998

Angel, week 2

red rough male
photos Angel

Ayla, week 3

red rough female
photos Ayla

Argos, week 4

red smooth male
photos Argos

Anouska, week 5

red smooth female
photos Anouska

Anka, week 6

red smooth female
photos Anka

Amor Bamboe
Bamboe, week 7

red smooth male
photos Bamboe

Pedigree Xin-Feng's A-litter
Hunter of Daddy's House, red rough Ch Bingo Kwei-Jang, red rough, HD-B Chowsan Lombard, red rough, HD-A
Ching-Hua Kwei-Jang, red rough,
Daydream of Daddy's House, red rough, HD-B Ch Pendleton's King Arthur, red rough, OFA1444-E
Ch Angel of Daddy's House, red rough
Ca-Caliban's Pandora, red smooth, HD-C Bilbo Baggins van het Bossche Front, red smooth, HD-B, PL-free Brosscroft Harvy Pooka, red smooth
Ciao Jenny Wren, red smooth
Aglaja Smooth Recall, black smooth, HD-A Zombie van de Rekels, black smooth
Mai-Ko-Chow's Velvet Puk, red smooth, HD-A


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