Ari (Pekingese)
(Dango 2010 - 2017)

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Ari 100822 Here is Ari, on his pedigree his name is Dango, a Pekingese dog. He was born May 12th, 2010.
We missed a dog in our pack after Gladdich was gone. But we did not want a third Chow Chow, Chimay and Eoos both are very strong. I can walk them together, but I am not sure I will be able to ten years from now. A smaller breed is easier to handle...
So we considered some smaller Asian breeds that would match with the Chows: the Pekinese, the Pug and the Tibetan Spaniel.
We liked the character of the Pekinese best, so despite the long coat, we added a Pekinese male to our pack.

Ari in the garden

Ari 100829

For a small dog like Ari, our backgarden is big enough to run and play.
He can have fun all by himself with a few tennis balls or other toys.
Unlike Chimay and Eoos, Ari does like the camera, so I am taking a lot of pictures.

Ari nealy one year

Ari, may 2011 Ari likes the camera, although there are days he is not in the mood for posing. He has become a nice, friendly, sportive, small dog. Chimay is happy with him, he goes his own way and loves human attention, so at our walks Ari is on "petting duty" and Chimay can stay away from petting hands!

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