Xin-Feng's Endo, red smooth Chow Chow

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Xin-Feng's Endo, HD-A, ED Free, PL Free

Endo 090530 This is Xin-Feng's Endo, a son of Chimay, born March 4th, 2009.

We liked him very much, but we thought it might give problems to have a second male next to Gladdich. So we asked a good friend if he wanted to take care of Endo. So Endo lives in Gouda with Guido.

Here is Endo pictured together with his sister Eoos at nealy 3 months.


Endo 100905
Endo at the FlevoDogMatch, September 5th, 2010.

More about this show and the results of our Chows at our weblog.

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