Xin-Feng's Eoos (2009 - 2011)

Xin-Feng's Eoos

Eoos 20090424
This was Xin-Feng's Eoos, Chimays daughter, at the picture seven weeks old. She was born at our place at March 4th, 2009. We liked her so much that she stayed.

To be honest it was Eoos herself who did not want to leave us. When there came people to see the litter, she hided in the big bench, sometimes together with Esmoreit and Eki. Of course we liked her good enought to keep her!

Eoos and Gladdich 20090525

Eoos and Gladdich

Eoos and Gladdich were best buddies. Gladdich was so happy that this time a pup stayed with us. Sadly they did not enjoy eachothers company for long.

After Gladdichs death we saw that Eoos had been bothered by him too, she walked very silent and low along the places where he used to be and walked normally if she saw he wasn't there anymore.

Eoos en Ari 20101211

Eoos and Ari

When Ari joined us a year later it took some time before Eoos realised she could play with him, but eventually she found out that he was a nice playmate. After playing they aften rested together on the big dog bed.

health clearances

official HD result (HD-C)
official ED result (ED 3)
The result of the elbows was so bad that we decided that Eoos was not fit to breed.

Eoos 20090428

A sad and unexpected ending

Because of her bad elbows, we decided it would be better to spay Eoos. On February 28th she went to the vet to be spayed. Of course you know there ia some risk with anestheasia, but you never think it will happen to YOUR dog...

The surgery went well and she seemed to wake up allright. Half an hour later she started getting bloody stools and cried. Anaphylactic shock, a servere allergic reaction, that affected her gastrointestinal tract, it might have been caused by the antibiotic (Dutch trade name Synulox, also known as Augmentin and Clavamox).
She fought like a lioness until the next morning, but this fight was not fair, she died at the vets in Franks arms on March 1st.

Lelystad, September 1st, 2011

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