Xin-Feng's Chimayra (2004 - 2016)

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Xin-Feng's Chimayra (Chimay)

Nemo and Chimay

Nemo+Chimay 050221 Xin-Fengs Chimayra, callname Chimay, is a red smooth Chow Chow. She is a daughter of Vita Texla Callisto, born on October 30th, 2004, together with three brothers and three sisters in our C-litter.
At the picture she is together with Nemo. Nemo was Chimays hero. In many ways she copied his behavior. It was very hard on Chimay when Nemo died. She missed him terribly and got more and more serious and lost her cheerfulness.
With the arrival of Gladdich some of her happyness came back.


Chimay 060409 A great photo of Chimay, taken at the Dutch Chow Chow Clubmatch by Ineke van Beekum, April 9th, 2006. Thanks Ineke for this photo!

Chimay had two litters, in September 2007 our D-litter and in March 2009 our E-litter.
We were so happy with the last litter that we kept two pups Eoos and Endo.

Chimay and Gladdich

Chimay and Gladdich 090105
Chimay and Gladdich liked eachother, although they were not so close as Chimay and Nemo had been.
Here een nice photo of them together, taken in January 2009.

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