Ca-Caliban's Pandora (1996 - 2004)

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Ca-Caliban's Pandora

Pandora september 2002 Because we liked Nemo so much, we decided to get another smooth Chow Chow.
Nemo's dam had a second litter with Bilbo Baggins van het Bossche Front (red smooth) on February 12th, 1996, one smooth male and two smooth females. Pandora (Ca-Caliban's Pandora) the red smooth female, joined us in April 1996.
The photo on the left was taken in September 2002.

Nemo and Pandora

Nemo and Pandora At the start Nemo was not happy with the new addition to our household.
Nemo had ruptured the ligament in his left knee and had not much hair on his back leg because of the surgery.
The little red devil used her puppy teeth on the bold leg. Nemo learned to hide on Franks lap and slowly they became friends for life.

Pandora's puppies

Pandora gave us one litter, our A-litter in 1998.
We went to Danmark in 2000 to breed Pandora to CH. Molboredens Smooth Guldbær, a blue smooth. Unfortunately this did not work out and after the heat Pandora got an uterus infection and was spayed, no second litter for her. Pandora and Callisto

golden Chows

In October 2000 Pandora became a grandmother: Xin-Feng's Anouska had her first litter and one of her pups, the smooth female Vita Texla Callisto, came to us. Pandora was happy to have a puppy in her life again.

Here are Pandora and Callisto, sitting in the Museumpark. This photo was taken in december 2001, in the winter light their coats look like gold!

Frank and Pandora

Frank and Pandora Pandora became Franks girl. She totally adored him, would have done everything in her power for him. Their bond was so strong, when Frank had surgery for his heart arythmia and slipped into a coma for a little while, Pandora nearly died too at that very same moment.

bad luck

She was a very dominant bitch with a lot of presence. Most dogs avoided her when she gave them her "look".
In May 2002 she had very bad luck, we were in the park, when a German Shepherd came and attacked her. She did not expect the attack and jumped up, turning at the same moment and ruptured her knee ligament. A few days after surgery the ligament in her other knee ruptured too, again surgery. It took months to recover and she never got back to be the mighty bitch she had been.


Nemo and Pandora (and later Callisto too) went almost everywhere with us.
Pandora May 1998 One evening we were in a pub in Rotterdam, behind the bar was one of her favourite persons. One of the customers was making trouble and was removed from the place. It went very smoothly, much to the barmans surprise. Until he found out Pandora stood right behind him, ready to help him.

Another story, same place, an old drunken Englishman was feeling alone and wanted to pet Callisto. Callisto did not like strangers and was having a difficult time. Pandora came to the rescue and took over, sat next to the man until he felt a bit better...

Rotterdam, June 2004

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