Ca-Caliban's New Captain Nemo (1994 - 2006)

Ca-Caliban's New Captain Nemo

Nemo 1997 Ca-Caliban's New Captain Nemo was our first Chow Chow. He was born in Germany on Christmas Day 1994. His sire was Edlen Cool Distinction (red rough) and his dam Aglaya Smooth Recall (black smooth).
February 1995 our first dog, Youri the Belgian Sheepdog, died. Frank had always wanted a Chow Chow, I did not. But Frank persisted, so I started to search for a smooth Chow Chow (I don't like brushing). At that time we did not know how rare smooth Chows were, we were very lucky to hear about a litter in Germany: seven pups and all smooth. When I called there was only one black male pup available, so the next day we went to Germany to see the litter. Two weeks later Nemo came home with us.
Nemo was not only our first Chow, he was also the first pup we had. Dorka, our Kuvasz, did not like the black furball at first. After two weeks ignoring Nemo, she started to play with him. She teached Nemo a lot in the last two weeks of her life.

Nemo and agility

Most people think you can't teach Chows a thing, that is NOT true!
agility You can teach them a lot. They only learn a bit slow, but what they know, they don't forget.
Friends of ours did agility with their dog and Nemo and I went a few times with them to watch the agility classes. We liked what we saw, so Nemo and I gave it a try. Nemo really liked to do agility, we had weekly agility class for two years. On the photo you can see Nemo jumping through the tire.

special Chow

Nemo was a special Chow. He loved people, especially women, he could even flirt with women. Als a puppy he already could look at someone until there was a look back, people felt his eyes. He made his own friends, independently from us.
When he was young he often went with us to café and pub. Once in a while he got a few drops of beer, he liked that, often refusing normal beer and having a taste for special beer. When he got older the drops of beer became coffee-cups with beer, because he had developed allergies and was not allowed to be rewarded with cheese anymore. Nemo is the only dog I have ever known who understood what alcohol does, only once he got nearly drunk and after that you could put lots of beer in front of him, but he would never drink too much again.

Nemo and Pandora

Nemo's dam got a second litter when Nemo was a little over a year old. From this litter we got Pandora, our second smooth Chow Chow.
Three weeks before the arrival of Pandora, Nemo had surgery, because he ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. Little Pandora found out quickly that putting her teeth in the nearly bald left rear leg had immediate effect and Nemo learned to seek his rest at Franks lap. All his life Nemo layed on Franks lap when he needed a break and all our Chows nip the back legs in play.
Pandora and Nemo 2002 After two weeks, just like Dorka did with Nemo, Nemo accepted the new addition and in the years ahead Nemo and Pandora were a happy couple. Because of Nemo's health problems and the fact we wanted to breed Pandora, we decided to neuter him. We would not risk a mating between half-brother and half-sister. The neutering did not change a lot, Nemo still protected Pandora, when she was in heat, against other males. The only noticeable change was his coat, it got longer, thicker and more difficult to brush
In 1998 Pandora got her litter and Nemo was like a father to the pups. From the first day on he was allowed to help Pandora with cleaning the little ones, when the pups left the whelping box he thought them some respect.

Nemo getting older

In 2002 the ACL from his other knee ruptured and Pandora had the same injury around the same time. In June Nemo had surgery and rehabilitation took several months. After this he had changed into an older dog.
Frank and Nemo 2001 He was sad after Pandora was gone in 2004, for more than eight years they had been a pair "Nemo and Pandora", later with Callisto added. So "Nemo and Callisto" remained.
But Nemo never got so close with Callisto, as he had been with Pandora. From Callisto's second litter we kept Franks and Nemo's favourite #7, Chimay (Xin-Feng's Chimayra).
The year 2005 was a year of changes, we moved from Rotterdam to Lelystad. Nemo liked the new house, the big garden and the fact that we could do our walks very near our house. At the end of the year his back was acting up again, we thought it was because of his old age, but we were wrong...

Nemo and Chimay

After Callisto's dramatic death at the start of 2006, Nemo slowly recovered from Callisto's last attack. His back got better too.
Nemo + Chimay 2006 The back problems were worsened by walking so carefully through the house to avoid any confrontation with Callisto. For some time he stayed a bit wary when Chimay was around, not certain if it was her or her mother. We had a wet spring and Nemo's joints were bothering him worse than ever. Chimay was very sweet to him in his last months, she badly wanted to play, but knew he was not able to do so.

Nemo video

In 2006 I finally managed to capture "Nemo's happy dance" on film. I tried various times to take pictures from Nemo dancing, but was never statisfied with the results.
Download Nemo is happy a WMV-file, 417 Kb, 9 seconds of Nemo's ultimate happiness on film.

Lelystad, September 16th, 2006

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