the humans
introducing Frank and Anita Meulstee

introducing Frank and Anita Meulstee

We are Frank and Anita Meulstee.
We live in Lelystad (the Netherlands) with one smooth Chow Chow: Chimay and Ari the Pekingese.

We share our lives with smooth Chow Chows since 1995.
Occasionally we breed a litter.

the human male in our household:
Frank Meulstee

the human female: Anita Meulstee
designer and writer of this site


Frank has "something" with dogs, most dogs love him instantly. In his youth his father surprised him with a dog, a Standard Poodle, but his mother did not like dogs at all and disliked the dog following her through the house all day. So Beau got a new home, leaving a very sad Frank behind.
Frank was always intrigued by the Chinese breeds like Chow Chow and Pekinese.


Bobo My parents never wanted a dog, so I walked dogs for others and met a lot of different breeds.
Bobo, a Kuvasz, was my greatest love.
When I went living on my own I started to look around for a dog and found Youri, a Belgian Shepherd. A few months later Frank and I got together and we have not been without a dog ever since.

this website is dedicated to all our
smooth Chow Chows of past and present


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March 20th, 2011
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